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It’s 6:45 in the morning.

Outside it is snowing gently. 

None of my neighbors have woken up yet in Zurich’s Seefeld. 

I look through my window, anxiously,

trying to find the lady in the attic of the building just in front.  

She lights up the small lampshade near the window, every morning, at 06:30 sharp. 

Today she’s probably lazing in her warm bed.

The old school across the street is closed for the Christmas holidays.

I can see the paper stars and angels in the windows.

I make a rough, inane calculation:

I wonder, during the 120 years since the school opened,

How many angels on gold paper were cut out with scissors?

How many pairs of hands tried to make the velvet red Santa hats?

How many Christmas carols were sung by students and teachers?

I think for 2-3 seconds; I am about to use the calculator on my phone to do the multiplication but instead give up on the idea.

Only the chimneys in this town don’t stop smoking.

They never take holidays.

I leave the window and stumble over the suitcase that is open waiting to be taken care of. 

Scarves, caps, and socks. Wrapped presents and chocolate candy. 

I check the train ticket.  

This year’s resolutions: 

Fewer planes, more trains. 

Less to no meat, more spinach, and lentils.

The last post of 2021 will not have much criticism and analysis.

 I decided to let the city speak. 

Walking around Zurich on Christmas days (Even during this difficult period) is like stepping into the fairy tales your parents used to read to you when you were a little kid. 

Switzerland’s Christmas markets don’t have the glamour of Austria, 

nor the visitor reputation of Nuremberg and Strasbourg.

They do offer you, however, a feeling I have not to feel in any other country. 

A familiar heartbeat.  

A passport back to childhood. 

The daring doubt that there might be a Santa Claus.

As an adult who hasn’t done very well with adulthood, I officially announce that December is my favorite month of the year.

Walking around the town squares and the narrow streets of the old town these days. Brought tears of joy to my eyes.

I send you my love from the land of my heart 

Merry Christmas 

Sincerely yours 

Panos Chasapis

Please check that film 


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