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When I moved to Switzerland 12 years ago, I realized almost from the first month that to find very good cafes with excellent quality coffee, you had very few chances.

This was of course the problem almost all over Europe.

The locals drank their coffee, roasted to the point of being ruined, with tons of cow’s milk or whipped cream.

Today things have changed. Some of the most successful cafes in Europe are in Switzerland.

My idea is to introduce you to some of them.

First stop in Zurich.

“La Stanza”

I am so excited about this beautiful space that I preparing you now that I will not be able to be objective.

This is something I get with the people I love and the places whose ambiance surrounds me positively.

La Stanza is one of them.

It is located in one of the central squares of the city, close to Paradeplatz.

You pass by and have your first espresso before going to the office.

You serve yourself a croissant with jam.

You take the pliers & and you sink them in the glass jar, you pick out the most beautiful one and put it in a silver tray.

You feel at home.

By the time you hear Mina’s “Il cielo in una stanza ” your excellent coffee has arrived.

You must meet your friends there on Saturday afternoon drinking a cappuccino on the small veranda when it’s not raining.

You’ll see the whole town passing by and envy you for having caught the best table.

In the excellent and uniquely designed stone bar on evenings after work alone or with … suspicious company (οr not) you must enjoy the delicious cocktails & the unique Mediterranean liqueurs.

Any passer-by who looks through the huge glass windows on a Winter Sunday evening will inevitably not go inside. The atmosphere is totally cinematic and friendly.

The waiters have gone through a casting of wit, speed and humor. Lovely all of them in their white shirts and stylish aprons.

The huge steaming coffee machine – a Faema of 1963 – is so impressive and the well-dressed regulars sitting on the wooden tasting benches are so reminiscent of the coffee bars of Naples.

So I go there and pretend to be a Neapolitan. The failure is great, but I love it so much and I don’t judge myself.

If you ever miss Italy, take a stroll through this Zurich hangout. You’ll feel great and it’ll cost you much less.

La Stanza

Bleicherweg 10, 8002 Zürich

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